Contribute to Our Cause

Private contributions support our growth as an organization and cover more than 80% of our annual expenses. Your generosity ensures we can continue to ignite change in people, places, and practice through the process of making beautiful collaborative art and creating a vibrant workforce and community. Your support, your engagement, and your input is critical. Be part of positive change through your donation to The Walls.




The Walls recognizes its success is only as good as the collaborative efforts of the public, private, business and arts communities. We actively seek out partners to assist in creating a vibrant cultural economy. This can come in a variety of forms and collaborations such as providing internships for students, becoming a resource partner for arts and workforce development programs, assisting in the identification of real-estate for murals, etc. We are open to discuss how our partners might bring new and innovative configurations of capability and knowledge to the placemaking table. We look forward to the opportunity to create with you.


Our board members come from all over Baton Rouge, with the same mission at heart. To see change happen in our lifetime. By combining our efforts we are catapulting the Walls Projects programs forward, securing the creative placemaking into our community.

Giving back: The Futures Fund - 7/3/2018

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