Digital Courses

Teaching computer programming skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails, along with web development, project management, and client relations, this course track prepares youth for secondary education programs, paid internships with local digital companies, as well as app and web development contracts with regional small businesses and nonprofits.

Coding - Level I

This course introduces students to basic web development, focusing on client-side services. Students use beginning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript learning about logic, flowcharts, functions and variables. Completions of this course provides students with an understanding of basic coding concepts and applications, related jobs in the area, interdisciplinary connections to algebra and English Language Arts, and successful habits of web developers.

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Coding - Level II

This course builds on prior knowledge and skills, developing students skills and knowledge of JavaScript through practical web applications. Creating original code independently and in small groups, students gain experience necessary to develop stand alone websites and web-based applications. Completion of this course provides students with effective practice of entry-level coding skills, and qualifies students to enter pre- apprenticeship to build web applications professionally.

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Coding - Level III

This course functions as a pre-apprenticeship program for students, providing the workforce development training needed to earn an entry- level job in the coding field or work as a self-employed coder. The course expands student understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while introducing them to client relations, project management, and pricing. Pairing students with real world clients through project-based learning, students build professional websites or web-based applications gaining professional experience for their resumes or secondary education program applications.

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Upon completion of the 3 levels, students may apply to our Work-study program. In this program, students are given real assignments with real clients. Although an instructor is on-hand for help, the students are tasked with divvying up assignments, making sure they are completed, fit the specs and are delivered on time.

Meet the dean

Jonathan Hooper is a software engineer with experience working in web and mobile development. Jonathan has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from LSU. He has worked primarily with the Ruby, Javascript, Swift programming languages to build software for a range of industries including healthcare, education, and government. Jonathan has been with the Futures Fund since the first coding class in the summer of 2015.