Visual Courses

This course track teaches digital photography skills, including portrait, landscape, photojournalism, commercial photography, and editing. Coursework also includes project management, portfolio development, and client relations, preparing for professional and event photography contracts, as well as the creation of original prints for sale in regional galleries.

Photography - Level I

This course introduces students to the art of photography, using a digital camera, and the basics of digital editing. Exploring lighting, perspective, and purpose through the principals of the arts and history of photography, students develop a basic understanding of the elements of photography and how to apply them. Students completing this course can comfortably capture images with a digital camera and express their intentions to others.

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Photography - Level II

This course uses students prior knowledge and skills to explore the development of voice, tone, and narrative through photography. Building technical understanding of concepts like shutter speed, students become proficient shooting in manual mode while understanding the various uses of photography. Field trips allow students to practice new skills and knowledge on location, then edit their images following peer critique of the work.

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Photography - Level III

This course serves as a pre-apprenticeship program for students, providing the workforce development training needed to obtain entry-level jobs in the field of work as a freelance photographer. Expanding students' understanding of the uses of photography, students work with real world clients on product photography for marketing, portrait photography, and event photography. Students complete this class with a professional portfolio demonstrating their work ready for job interviews, an internship, or entry in a secondary education program.

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Upon completion of the 3 levels, students may apply to our Work-study program. In this program, students are given real photography gigs with real clients.

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