MLK Day of Service

In order to revitalize and reactivate neighborhoods, The Walls empowers the community, initiates artistic engagement, and encourages volunteers from surrounding areas to participate in community driven clean-ups, murals, and enrichment activities.

Through these cultural redevelopment projects, we hope to encourage business owners, civic leaders, volunteers, and local families to commit to place and actively participate and invest where they live and work.

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Through the principles of creative placemaking, The Walls empowers citizens to rejuvenate public and private structures and streetscapes, which improves local business visibility and public safety, and brings diverse people together to inspire and be inspired by their city.

Encompassing our 'Reactivate' initiative is our MLK day Festival of Service. This four-day event facilitates the painting of blighted buildings and murals, planting community gardens and trees, repairing fences, and hauling trash away from properties.

These creative efforts are fostering an environment for investment, job creation, and economic development, reducing and closing wealth inequality in our rural and urban communities.

Being a part of the MLK service activities of 2017 in the neighborhood in which I grew up was a very meaningful experience. To share with people from all walks of life, from all over the community, was inspiring. Driving through the neighborhood and remembering brings a smile to my spirit.

Raymond A. Jetson
President, CEO MetroMorphosis