Get Involved

Those looking to contribute their time and skills to better our community can do so in a variety of ways. We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals, corporations, schools, clubs, and churches. Every year we host our largest volunteer effort, the MLK Festival of Service, focusing around initiating reactivation in targeted areas. The event is a four-day long festival, circling around the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on the second Monday of each January.

See below for how the best ways for you or your group to get involved.


Do you provide documentation of my volunteer time?

We are able to provide documentation for companies or individual on a request-basis.

I have children, can they help too?

Our events are for all ages! We have volunteer activities specialized for those with children to allow them to learn the value of community efforts in an easy, controlled setting.

I want to register with my friends. Will we be put together?

We work to keep groups joined as much as possible! If you work with a friend or a group, we request you to list theor name so we can schedule you together. Keep in mind if you work on different days of the event you will miss each other (so why not volunteer for all four?).

I have limited mobility. Is there a way I can still help?

When volunteering note your limitations, we will work directly with you to make sure there's a way for you to help impact your community within your skillsets. We want everyone interested in bettering their community to be able to impact however they can!